21 Months Update

Our little birdie is not our little birdie any more. She’s growing up so quickly, as they do, and I regularly pause in astonishment, trying hard to recall those early days and each stage of development she’s sailed through since. Where has the time gone?

I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment, even the tough days. She’s been a dream baby (they do exist!) and we feel so blessed to be given such an angel who’s quickly approaching the big 2!! I have been reflecting a lot on her life so far, and it’s astonishing for me to realize she’s really been in our lives nearly two years; three years when you count pregnancy. I also cannot believe I have been blogging here at Bounty for nearly two and a half years! I literally feel like I’ve been in a time warp.

I thought I’d give you a little birdie update at her 21 months mark.

Words: Sparrow was a bit slow compared to some on picking up words. She is a thinker and observer, so I think she spent a lot of time taking things in first. For a long time, the only words she said were momma and dada. At 19/20 months she was up to about 35 words. Now she says a new word daily it seems, so I have stopped counting. The latest words are “uncle”, “sip”, “bear”, “yuck” and, according to her preschool teacher, “triangle”. I haven’t heard her say that one yet myself though! Sparrow also continually asks, “wasat” (What’s that?) all day long, curiously taking in the world around her. Occasionally she puts two words together like, “momma more” or “momma down”. Several people overseas have asked me if she’s got a Kiwi accent yet, to which I reply, “no” and proceed to explain that she is around myself, Noah and her auntie (all Americans) the majority of her time, and though she does interact with numerous Kiwis, South Africans and other nationalities, she is majorly still influenced phonetically by me. See Sparrow talking here. 

Skills: Though it’s tedious work having a wee minnie me following me around all day long, it’s so fun to watch her grow and learn through her observations and experiences. I’ve always thought Sparrow is pretty sharp for her age, or it could just be that I am a typical proud mum! At 21 months she’s starting to colour inside the lines, signs to me when she needs to go #2 in her potty chair, tosses away rubbish (she’s done that for awhile though!), tries to help sweep the floor, pets the kitty really sweetly, puts her toys away on her own sometimes, tries to take care of littler babies, picks me flowers, drags her high chair across the floor to the table, etc. I think the cutest thing she has done recently was one morning while Noah was gone, she crawled under the duvet of my bed and snuggled up next me. Anytime in the past that I have tried to put the covers on her and have her lie next to me, she always hated it and kicked them off. This was the first time she willingly decided to put the covers over her legs and chill in the bed. It was adorable. Oh, so here’s something new for you. You get to experience her development in real time. As I’m sitting here typing, she just turned the bedroom door handle and walked out. Well, that’s a first! I guess we just entered a new phase!

Experiences: She’s getting more comfortable at her Friday morning preschool session. Her teacher recently mentioned that she’s coming out of her shell a bit by talking more and participating more in group music time. She even danced! At home I feel like I need to start thinking about putting more routine and structure in her day. I always have this weight of guilt hanging over me that I am not doing enough to teach her things. Though she is learning by observation and doing life alongside me, I have this expectation of myself to sit and play and teach her for hours at a time. But with all my responsibilities it’s just hard to fit in lots of time for that. I want to make it a priority so I have been reserving time for scheduled learning time together. It’s sounds crazy that I have to schedule it, but when you have a little one with you basically from dawn til dusk, and you have to take care of them, feed yourself and family 3x a day, clean up unexpected messes, do laundry, clean the kitchen, attend meetings, change nappies, run errands, focus on work projects, care for the veggie garden, bathtime, etc.—the days get full. Sparrow plays a lot on her own when I am busy cooking or cleaning, has play dates a couple times a month, watches Baby Einstein every few days, runs errands with me, hangs out with friends and family at the house, and plays outside when I water the garden. She still interacts and plays with me throughout the day, but it gets busy and I haven’t been good at just sitting down for an hour to do a creative activity together. So I have been trying to set aside time that’s strictly a time for us to do a new learning activity together. Like these 15 ideas, these 50 Activities for Toddlers, 30 Creative Toddler Craft & Art Activities, and Games to Play with Your Toddler. Today we are going to make some wrapping paper together using homemade paint!

Upcoming Activities and Events: Turning 2! Starting up swimming lessons in late fall. Attending mainly music again.

Thanks to you readers who have followed us on our journey and continue to take interest in our lives. Have a gorgeous week, ya’ll!




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