Happy Two Years

This week our little bird turned two. Happy Birthday Sparrow! We celebrated with a wee mum & bubs morning tea on Saturday and then had a fun family day on her actual birthday the following Tuesday.  While we enjoyed her first birthday, her second birthday was even more fun because she could really participate in the festivities!

Aren’t her little friends adorable? We had a lovely morning with the little ones, reading stories, doing crafts and enjoying a yummy pumpkin bread with icing. We asked another little girl to join us in celebrating because she was born on the same day as Sparrow. The two little birthday girls, Meela and Sparrow, donned cute sunflower headbands at the party and simultaneously blew out their birthday candles. Well, Sparrow went for it first, then Meela followed suit after watching. It was so sweet. For a house full of toddlers, it was a success. There were no major meltdowns and the place stayed relatively clean! We even managed that precious photo of them all on the couch. =)

On Tuesday, Sparrow’s actual birthday, we took her to her swimming lesson and a midday movie (Rio 2). It was her first time in a theatre, and with only one another family there, it was nice that her occassional chatter didn’t bother anyone! After her nap at home, my sister and I cooked a meal for everyone and we ended the evening with a coconut cake and prezzies. It meant so much to have some family there this time. My sister and her boyfriend helped make the celebration have more of a family feel, which has been sorely missed the last four years of us living in New Zealand.

Today, being two now, Sparrow is having her first morning with the big kids at preschool. She was in the “under 2s” group for about 6 months and is now old enough to hang with the older group! It makes me a bit nervous because she is still little but I know the ladies keep a good eye on all the kiddos.

Changing topics a bit… if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t blogged in a month. I will now be sharing a post once a month. With several several volunteering commitments, other writing assignments and general mommy life responsibilities on my plate, I decided it would be easier on me if I could blog a little less frequently, though I hope to still keep you updated on how our little family is doing. I plan to post in the middle of each month.

The last month Sparrow has grown by leaps and bounds—her talking is really taking off. Every day she seems to pick up a new words. Though she’s slow to string together much more than two words like, “bye daddy” or “more please”, she’s picking up so many daily words and just recently picked up some of my expressions like “oh dear” and “cute!”—which is, for lack of a better term, super cute! Compared to her friends, she’s not talking as much as they, however we are happy with her own pace and find her quite bright regardless of the pace she’s at verbally. I’m continually blown away at the imaginative or interesting things she does that I haven’t taught her myself. The other day she sorted her crayons into types (she has standard crayons and plastic ones that twist). She decided to sort them by type into little trays. And then later with one of her birthday cards that is shaped like a baby tiger, she “walked him” along the ground and said, “walk, walk, walk”. She has conversations on the play phone and always recognizes whose things are whose around the house. She’s quite clever and I really enjoy watching her develop.

For me, it’s been a fun couple of weeks interacting with Sparrow. It makes life easier now that she’s understanding me more and more and able to communicate back to me. We’re enjoying our weekly routine as well as random adventures and spontaneous interactions with neighbours and friends. Though I do get burnt out from the constant demands of mommy life, I am super grateful for the blessing of motherhood and trying to make each day memorable and special for Sparrow. I know each day is a gift!

Wishing you a happy weekend and wonderful month,


To end my post, I’ll share a cute video produced by “The Skit Guys” called “Mom Goggles“…


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