Baby’s First Days


Welcome to the new addition to your family.  Becoming a parent is like nothing else you’ll ever do.  Ahead of you lies much delight, love and many challenges.  Recognising that this is a tiring, busy time of life, with everyone’s focus being on the newborn, we have endeavoured to make the information easily accessible, with references for you to follow up if you want more information.  Also remember that your baby is unique and will certainly not do things in a textbook manner, but all babies respond to love and cuddling.

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Baby’s first daysWhether the birth has been calm or more traumatic, there’s nothing like the moment when your baby is placed in your arms for the first time. more

Clothing and Bathing Baby

Babies need the basics met – to eat, be kept clean and warm and to be loved. … more

Baby’s Appearance

Your baby’s appearance can change quickly in the first days and internal changes also occur to adapt to life outside the womb. Baby’s head may have been squeezed and will look quite different after a few days. Vital breathing, circulation and other changes happen at birth and in the following days….more

The Very First Nappy Change

Here are the steps to changing a nappy, you’ll become a pro in no time ..more

The contents of first nappies may be different to the rest..more

Feeding Problems and Solutions

Breastfeeding – some helpful hints and advice to make this important job so much easier for you and baby….more

Mum after Birth

You’ve just been through a life-changing event.  Here’s how to cope with those first few days …..Read more

Mum’s Health

Some mothers fall in love with their babies immediately, but for others it takes a little longer. Both responses are normal….more

Other Family Members

Arrival of a baby brings many changes to the family. As with any time of major change there are stresses involved and it is important to allow time to adjust…. more