The first nappy change

If you’re standing there with baby wipes in one hand and wondering which hand to use to take the nappy off, relax.  Midwives will show you how to change nappies, and how to give your baby a bath. Check out our section on Nappies which has videos on how to change your babies bottom whether you choose to use cloth or disposable nappies more

The contents of first nappies may be different to the rest – your baby passes a greenish-black substance called meconium.  This is the remains of everything he swallowed while he was in the amniotic fluid.  He should pass this within 24 hours of birth.  as you begin feeding your baby, his bowel movements gradually turn yellow.

1.  Your baby’s first poo will be  black, thick, tar-like and sticky – called meconium.

2.  This is a ‘traditional stool’ and is brown/green in colour, as it beomes more yellow

3.  This is a ‘changing’ stool (poo) green-yellow in colour, before the yellow breastfed poo

4.  A breastfed baby’s poo may look ‘seedy’ which is normal

5.  A breastfed baby’s poo can be watery in consistency – this is normal

6.  Formula fed baby’s poo is often more ‘pastey’ in consistency and lighter in colour.